Protect Ya Neck

Southern California
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Raw poems, bury your body in catacombs
Rip your soul from your limbs like brims from Jim Jones
In the Twilight Zone we disperse cowards
Vampires that stalk earth on reverse hours

Night calls, we target your facade
My latitude is god, darts out my jaws leave eternal scars
You’re left breathing out of tube straws by the marksmen
Harnessing science for demolishing the charlatan
Raps will make you parallax
My domain has power to block synapse inside veins
War shots fired off by the army type warlocks
Devil’s plan is to have you drip in the Clorox
Beast deceiving us, ways devious
Possessing my peeps to walk streets
With stolen heat like Prometheus

Elements rushing you back to hell again
Illadelphians crush your skeleton to fucking gelatin

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The perfect relationship.



For street and high fashion follow


Spaceships don’t come equipped with rear view mirrors

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i literally just double tapped it


 A$AP Rocky’s face when he hear nast spit (x)